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Sunday, March 24th

Tiny Beautiful Things

May 10 -26th

Chronicles of a Black Blind Girl

May 30 – June 2nd

THE EIGHT: Reindeer Monologues

December 21-28


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Join Deaf Austin Theatre (DAT) on a powerful, meaningful journey of supporting another Deaf organization at an upcoming fundraising event in Austin. Off-The-Missions (OTG) is a global humanitarian aid organization filling the gap in disaster-response by providing Deaf and HOH people with critical life-saving resources in high-risk and disaster-stricken regions across the world – the only Deaf organization in the world. In dedication to this noble cause, DAT will be hosting this exceptional show, with a talented group of artists, who will bring an insight of humanity, joy, and inspiration through poetry, songs, essays, and most importantly, awareness. This show is not to be missed!

“Charms and Delights!”


“Uniquely engaging experience”

-Austin Chronicle

“An innovative approach to a marvelous play!”

-Austin Chronicle

“This production is high energy and emotionally charged from the opening moment.”


“It’s my hope that DAT collaborates with GFT again…or any local company willing to take a step toward deaf inclusion… I’m hard-pressed to think of a more uniquely engaging way to experience a show and all its complexities…”

-Trey Gutierrez, Austin Chronicle

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