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Blue background with a black t-shirt with the DAT logo. Logo is a black square with a white frame. Inside the frame a large white bat. Under is the text DAT, then under that Deaf Austin Theatre.


Money makes the world go around
The world go around
The world go around
Money makes the world go around
It makes the world go ’round.”

Cabaret, the musical

Deaf Austin Theatre cannot survive without your support, and every little bit helps. Want to donate once? Great! Want to donate monthly? Even better! All of your donations will be put towards creating even more amazing entertainment through American Sign Language. 

Want to become a sponsor? Email to get more information. 


We are always on the lookout for ways to further involve the Deaf community and our local Austin community. If you can spare your time, services or be part of our efforts, be sure to contact us at and we will be happy to get you working. 

Some of our volunteer needs:

Production: concessions, set/prop build, costumes, audience support, seating etc.

Event Photography

Graphic Design

Event Support​

Legal Advisor to the Board

Image Description: Black rectangle with a white frame. Inside the frame there is a large white bat. Next to the bat is the text DAT. Under that, the text reads Deaf Austin Theatre.


GOOD NEWS! For Colored Girls will have another ASL interpreted performance on May 31st and it will be the last one before they close on June 5th! So please take advantage of this opportunity to see it on Broadway.

BREAKING: Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Billie Elish, and 154 other Hollywood megastars sign their names on a full-page New York Times ad putting Republicans on notice that they “won’t back down” from fighting for abortion rights. RT TO THANK THEM!

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